Customer Order and self-Care Portal

While ProcessMate’s major objective is to help companies organize their internal business processes for recurring processes such as ordering, servicing, etc. While this is useful, we are also extending our offering with Customer Order and Self-care portal.


The new feature – Customer Order and Selfcare portal will enable organization of any size create web presence and expose its products or services to end customers. End customers may request products and services, view their progress, get notified when their requests progresses, optionally view products and services they ordered in the past. Additionally, they will be able to raise trouble tickets that would trigger employees to react or run process for.
This gives two major benefits for your business: creates a new revenue and communication channel to your customers, and significantly improves customer’s experience which contributes to their loyalty to your business and again, improves your top-line.


Portal for Internal or External Customers

The portal may work for both internal customers, such as other departments requesting certain services (think, IT department or Procurement handling requests from business for getting a new server or handle a purchase order).
For external customers the portal may serve as a typical ordering or servicing portal, whereby customers request a product or service. The customers may be allowed to self-register, or the portal may be limited to a certain set of customers only.


Submitting requests

The portal is focused on allowing end-customers submitting requests for products or services. Users may be suggested to fill in particular information specific to a request type. For example, for requesting a quotation for construction work, an end-customer may have to specify data specific to construction, as well as to upload a floor plan as a file.

This is how your customers will see the portal:

ProcessMate Customer Order and self-Service portal enables you to provide your customers with a portal for requesting products and services, follow up on the previous requests, see their current products and services


Viewing progress of requests

All requests will be tracked in the platform and end-customers may login later and see the progress of such requests, as well as the details provided earlier. They might also request cancellation of a previously posted request.
End customers may also choose to be notified of the progress or status change of their ongoing requests.

This is how your customers will see status of individual requests they initiated earlier:

ProcessMate Customer Order and self-Service portal helps your customers view the status of each request and receive notifications upon changes


Viewing existing products or services (Optional)

Once the product or service request performed, it might generate a record of existing service or product the end-customer uses. This is valid for companies that perform future or ongoing servicing of their products or provide continuous services, for example, local telecommunication or utilities company, high-end equipment such as industrial or medical equipment companies. The customer may have a full view of their existing products, on top of the past and ongoing requests.


Branded portal (Optional)

The portal may be branded for your organization. It will include your organization’s colors, fonts and logo. You may provide the link to this portal individually to each of your customer’s or provide a link to it on your website.


Easy configuration

There are three easy steps to configure the portal in ProcessMate:

  1. Populate your register of customers (and/or allow self-registration for visitors)
  2. Create a portal and configure products and/or services
  3. Optionally, configure a back-end process

That’s it, now you can generate a web link to the portal and share it with your customers


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