Employee Onboarding Process

Employee Onboarding Process – Definition

Employee Onboarding process are managed by Human Resources department once a potential employee is offered and accepted a job offer. It follows through a number of steps, such as filling in necessary employment paperwork, security checks, signing work agreement (contract) and requesting necessary activities in the IT.

For a company that has been actively hiring, the number of such processes and related paperwork may put a lot of workload on the HR department. This can lead to delays in the hiring process, frustration among managers and the churn of potential hires. Imagine 10-20 processes in different stages, led by 1 or 2 HR managers, all that alongside the usual HR activities with existing employees. Each process involves a number of documents: hire contracts, written offers, signed policies, etc. Missing or losing any of these documents may involve significant complications later on.


Handling Employee Onboarding in Process Management Software

Managing such document-heavy business processes in software has multiple advantages. Firstly, software helps improve efficiency of employees and generally of the process. The employees are simply better equipped with the tool where all candidate information is at hand, including documents, past communication and progress. The handover of candidates from one HR manager to another is as easy as a stroll in the park.

Secondly, the software opens up the process for the management. Not only individual processes are now available for supervising, but also comprehensive consolidated reports that are accessible at any moment. The processes (candidates) running over time, statistics, the time takes at each step on average – this information is priceless for HR Directors, and is provided out of the box by ProcessMate – cloud-based process management software.

How Exactly Process Management Works

The navigation through processes is carried out through a spreadsheet-like list of processes with color-coded statuses. This might remind of a spreadsheet used to keep track of statuses, however since ProcessMate Cloud App is accessible from anywhere in the internet, it has an availability advantage over a simple spreadsheet placed on the shared drive. In addition, one can see and download documents attached to each process.

List of Employee Onboarding processes in the cloud-based BPM - ProcessMate


The view of the individual process gives full information about the process, completed milestones and other users’ remarks. It looks as follows:

View of Individual Process - Employee Onboarding

As part of individual process information the important part is attached documents. The following screenshot shows that for a particular employee a number of documents has been attached to the process – an offer, an amended offer, signed contract and appendices:

Employee Onboarding - Attached Documents - Signed Contract, Offers

To see other details of the process please feel free to sign up to our free online demo here. After logging in, navigate to Human Resources -> Employee Onboarding process.

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