Preconfigured Industry Process Management Solutions

ProcessMate is a ready-to-use and easy-to-configure Process Management tool. It delivers industry Process Management solutions in a variety of domains. See below some examples of processes configured in the system.

Customers & Sales Orders

  • Manage customer and sales-related processes such as Sales Management, Customer Management, Custom Manufacturing, Order-to-Cash Process:Telecoms B2B, Construction & Renovation, Equipment Ordering etc;
  • Keep all related information on the customer, contacts, leads together with the processes;
  • Make your customer experience consistently positive through managing the end-to-end process of ordering and product/service delivery;
  • ProcessMate has a preconfigured set of processes related to customer and order management, such as Sales Process, Customer Onboarding, Order/Service Fulfillment process (also called Order-to-cash).

Servicing Existing Customers

  • Take control of the procedures related to existing customers;
  • Helpdesk requests, product repairs, trouble ticket management – these processes are already preconfigured and ready-to-use in ProcessMate.

Human Resources

  • ProcessMate preconfigured HR processes include:Hiring a Candidate – a process from application to hire/rejection decision, and Employee Onboarding process, whereby an employee is enrolled from day 1 at work.

Legal/Law Services

ProcessMate has a preconfigured process of Social Security Application for Legal industry. It tracks application for benefits from Initial Appeal and Rejection through to Final Court Hearing. The client information, contact details of doctor and other related data is also preconfigured.

Social Security Process

The Social Security process lets you track application for benefits from start to finish, as well as client information.

Internal Processes

  • A variety of ready-to-use processes configured in the system, such as:
  • Product Launch – track all steps of Product Management, from idea to delivery to market;
  • Procurement process – a ready-to-use process for running procurement in any business.

Product Launch Process

The Product Launch process helps you track everything, from initial ideation to launch day.

Sales Process

The Sales process helps a sales team guide a potential customer through a sales funnel, from beginning to end.

Financial Services

  • For accounting: manage your payroll and quarterly/yearly submissions tracked and organized
  • For financial organizations: Keep track of your customer-facing processes, such as Loan Approvals;
  • For all other organizations: manage your internal financial processes, such as budgeting, capital investment and any others.

Medical Treatment

  • Patient treatment is tracked as Process (that is, a sequence of activities), with all necessary information attached with each process, for example, patient details, GP or referred clinic details, treatment details, etc;
  • The treatment process will follow a defined set of steps from placement of request to patient’s discharge, each assigned to individual users – employees of the clinic or doctors assistants;
  • The time limits may be set for each activity in order to track delays. Users get notified of progress via email;
  • Documents and files may be attached to each treatment process;
  • Users get notified of treatment progress via email.


  • For telecommunication companies: Keep track of your customer-facing processes and infrastructural projects;
  • Order-to-Cash process – a preconfigured and ready-to-use process to track the orders for B2B or B2C markets;
  • Base-station Rollout process – a ready-to-use process for implementation of infrastructural projects in telecom for base stations of Radio network (RAN). This process can be easily adjusted for other types of infrastructural rollouts.

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