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Medical Treatment in ProcessMate Cloud Software

ProcessMate is a cloud software managing processes through easy configuration that requires no IT skills and can be accomplished in a few minutes. The system requires no installation or hardware, it’s in Cloud so you can have it ready in minutes. A quick summary:

  • Patient treatment is tracked as Process (that is, a sequence of activities), with all necessary information attached with each process, for example, patient details, GP or referred clinic details, treatment details, etc
  • The treatment process will follow a defined set of steps from placement of request to patient’s discharge, each assigned to individual users – employees of the clinic or doctors assistants.
  • The time limits may be set for each activity in order to track delays. Users get notified of progress via email.
  • Documents and files may be attached to each treatment process.
  • Users get notified of treatment progress via email.


The Treatment Process is a workflow (set of tasks) that can easily be configured in ProcessMate and provide rich set of functionality to track and manage Treatment processes starting from the moment when a clinic or hospital receives a request for treatment and ending with discharge of patient. While various clinics have own specifics in handling patients, we propose this as generic workflow that can be tailored to the needs of individual hospital or clinic.

Viewing Ongoing Treatments

The Process Repository of ProcessMate is a catalog of processes (so called “process types” or “process templates”). Here we are only interested in one process type: Medical Treatment in Healthcare category

Process Repository - a list of categories and processes Process Repository – a list of categories and processes

The above view shows all Treatments started and ongoing in the system, together with their progress, key details and steps that currently await users action. More information on each individual treatment can easily be reached by clicking More Info button.

Viewing All Treatments

After navigating to the Medical Treatment process, the list of the past and ongoing treatments (in ProcessMate each Treatment is a Process Instance) with their status and specific data:

Process List - list of individual Treatment processes with their status and specific data Process List – list of individual Treatment processes with their status and specific data

The above view shows all current and past treatments, allows viewing details in a tabular form which works well for clinics managers and employees who need all details at once. The view can easily be exported into an Excel-compatible CSV file and imported to MS Excel if needed.

Treatment Dashboard

Dashboard is a feature for viewing consolidated information of treatments. Dashboard is comprised of several views: ongoing treatments, past treatment performance, etc.

The below view demonstrates the Current Treatments dashboard, showing all ongoing treatment processes, all treatments that run late, all problems raised by users.
Dashboard view - Current treatments

The above view is typically interesting to clinics managers or doctors who like to see all consolidated information of the current status in one view.

Tracking Tasks (activities) of Treatment

The next view shows a view of individual treatment. Process Data section shows information of each individual treatment (the input fields may be extended or changed through easy and quick configuration). The Tasks section shows a list of tasks, their statuses, completion dates, due dates and assigned responsible users or groups.
Treatment process - tasks, data fields


  • Manage your treatment processes easily and quickly without the need for expensive IT implementation consulting
  • Easily extend the existing process by adding steps or data fields that are specific to your clinic or hospital
  • Help management by providing comprehensive dashboards with all necessary information consolidated both for ongoing processes and statistics for past treatments
  • Use many other features: attach documents to treatments, raise and track problems for tasks, create forms with specific fields and other features – all in a single Cloud software tool

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