Post-sale Servicing (Repair) Process

Post-sale Servicing (Repair)

Repair service is for organisations that handle repairs, either warranty or chargeable, and would like to keep track of all stages. Repair service handles all stages of repair service from Repair request (RMA) from a customer or distributor through quotation, repair and shipping back. The preconfigured process will already account for such process data as customer, order number, invoice number, equipment model and others. The full list of milestones is as per below:

  • Repair Request Received request (RMA) from client/distributor
  • Repair Request Approved and sent to Client
  • Item received at Repair Centre date of shipping arrival
  • Quotation sent to Client
  • Purchase Order received from Client
  • Item repair started
  • Item repair completed
  • Item sent back to Client

Have a different process? Missing a milestone? Let us know and we will model it for you absolutely free-of-charge. Contact us!

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