Workflow and Task Manager : ProcessMate product features

List of process instances with statuses and completed milestones (spreadsheet-like view of ongoing processes)


Workflow and Task Manager

ProcessMate workflow management keeps track of milestones and their statuses completed as part of recurring processes. Processes progress from start through a number of milestones to a completion. Users see up-to-date status of each of the process, as well as the general status of the process – started, completed, not started, etc. All involved users are immediately notified of the new developments in the process, so no time is lost in communication.

  • Task assignment (manual or automated)
  • Instantaneous e-mail notifications on progress made
  • “My tasks” view for users
  • Task delay notifications
  • Simple workflow design with powerful features such as parallel flow

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ProcessMate new feature - Customer Portal

Customer Order and Care Portal

With a few clicks, build a fully functional customer portal that enables customers to raise orders or other requests, as well as track progress of the requests. Enabling this new channel with improve create a new sales channel and significantly improve experience of your customers. While portal is an excellent tool to communicating with external clients, it may also serve well for inter-departmental requests for your internal clients.
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Documents of Repair (Servicing) process, shows how documents can be easily attached and viewed within individual processes

Manage Documents and Process Data

ProcessMate manages in-process documents by allowing users attaching documents to processes. An example of such documentation is Invoice, Quotations or other documents in any format.
Another feature helps document information is Process Data Management, allowing keeping a database of such objects as Employee, Supplier, Customer and others and link your processes to these objects.

  • Attach documents (files) directly to individual processes
  • Configure and use your own data objects or use ones provided out-of-the-box

Common Process Dashboard - shows efficiency status across processes executed in the system

Dashboards and Reports for Managers

ProcessMate users can use pre-configured dashboards that display both process-specific information, such as bottlenecks, average time taken, as well as charts that show statistics across all types of processes. This reports do not require any configuration and are produced out-of-the-box, once the user configures a process (see below in the Process Modeling).

  • Graphs and reports showing performance of your team or organization
  • See statistics for all processes or more detailed for specific process types
  • Examples: average time of process phase, number of processes by type, most frequent types of problems, least attended processes, etc

Process Configuration (also known as Process Modeling) - very simple configuration that can be performed by non-experts

Easy Process Design

Process design (also called “process modelling”) in ProcessMate process configuration tool is an easy-to-use visual environment for processes design. It is intuitive enough to allow even inexperienced users to create a process in a few minutes. As can be seen from the screenshot, it has two aspects: creating a list of milestones and a list of informational fields.

  • 3-step wizard for creating a new process type, takes only a few minutes
  • No complex process maps, no decision points, no coding, no form designs, etc
  • Many examples available, as well as support in designing your processes

Common Process Dashboard - shows efficiency status across processes executed in the system

Open API

ProcessMate’s secure API enables your IT systems to communicate with ProcessMate for such essential scenarios as starting new processes (for example, upon closure of a deal in CRM), complete tasks performed in other systems, search for processes.

communications in process

SLA (Delay) Management

Define and manage your SLAs and get notified if tasks run late. Generate meaningful out-of-the-box reports showing which tasks are delayed and how frequently.

  • Define the time for your tasks in a few clicks
  • Get notified whenver your tasks run late
  • Generate reports for managers showing tasks running late

Problem Management

Manage exceptional situations through registering all problems happened in processes and resolutions.

  • Ability to carefully track exceptions (problems)
  • Gather statistics on type of the process to understand how process can be improved
  • Managing users are notified of problems, so no time wasted in communication

Cloud BPM

ProcessMate is a hosted workflow management software that is extremely easy to configure. There is no servers or software deployment requirement, it is ready to be used on a powerful and secure hosted environment.

  • Fully managed cloud service, no IT skills required, no hardware required
  • Always up-to-date software version, we update software absolutely transparently for you
  • Low fixed costs, no setup costs

  • Common Dashboard of Business Processes (Screenshot)
    Process Dashboard

    Comprehensive ready-to-use reports based on statistics collected

  • Process Repository Screenshot
    Process Repository

    Use pre-configured process or easily configure new ones, it will only take a few minutes

  • Cloud Process Management: Problem Management Screenshot
    Process Management

    Capture and timely react to problems ariiing

  • Cloud Process Management: Communication
    Enable Communication

    Social component will improve user engagement and enable interaction

  • Problem Management
    Problem Management

    Reduce time-to-repair by tracking process problems and notifications

  • Task Management
    Task Management

    Manage tasks, assign or let system auto-assign tasks to your team members

  • Process Profile
    Process Profile

    Track and manage all process information - progress, data, documents and status

  • Process List
    Process List

    Process list shows a consolidated view of processes with their status, data and dates of completed milestones

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