January 2021 product update

Recently we have delivered a number of product updates. These are both infrastructural improvements and functional. Better, more reliable infrastructure Our infrastructure team worked hard to fully transform the infra setup of ProcessMate. Now, the platform runs on the new … Continue Reading

Quotation and Order Management : end-to-end process

Quotation and Order Management process: end-to-end process definition In ProcessMate we automate quotation and ordering processes. In this short article, we will explain some basics around quotation and ordering in general, as well as the implementation of this process in … Continue Reading

Quotation and Order management process in ProcessMate

Quotations and Orders in ProcessMate This articles outlines the functionality of ProcessMate helping our users to build an efficient workflow for their incoming quotes and orders. For the description of the typical quotation process, including steps and the discrepancies between … Continue Reading

Product update: Amazon AWS for all attached documents

In ProcessMate we stopped relying on our own storage and now use AWS to store all documents attached by users for processes and data objects. Why do we do it? Short answer is reliability. The Amazon AWS S3 service is … Continue Reading

Digital strategy: develop own or find off-the-shelf software

Mistakes organizations make when they go “Digital” It is a frequent story in many IT departments nowadays: a new IT Director (or CIO) comes and initiates a major “digitalization program”. And so it starts.. (very agile) Scrum / DevOps teams … Continue Reading

Software: buy or build. Advantages and disadvantages of off-the-shelf software

Many companies face the challenge of building vs buying the software. Sometimes, building software seems like an easy choice. However in ProcessMate, we advocate to carefully weigh all advantages and pitfalls, that we outline below, before investing. Advantages Simply put, … Continue Reading

Digital Organization – Definition

What does it mean for an organization to become digital? What is a Digital Organization? The term “digital” and “digitalization” are used very broadly to define the new ways of communication with customers, primarily using the modern internet technologies. It … Continue Reading