Business Process Management Software in Cloud

ProcessMate is a cloud software that helps keep track of processes, manage related documents, related data and communication, and provides on-time notifications that help minimize delays. For managers ProcessMate provides valuable insights on efficiency of processes in a visual form, such as gantt charts, reports and graphs. ProcessMate will help you optimize your business, reduce process lead-time and cut costs.


Task Management

Very easy to use, takes minutes to configure

Easily configure and track your workflows with no specific IT skills required and consultants involved. Configuration will take minutes and you can start managing your processes already today

Cloud based BPM solution

Cloud and low-cost

100% web-based cloud solution, no installations or downloads required. The fixed low montly fee makes it affordable to business of any size and budget

Notifications and Daily progress report sent to email

Task manager, to-do list and notifications

ProcessMate has a comprehensive workflow and task management mechanism, allowing simple sequential processes, as well as complex parallel process branches, or non-ordered check-lists. Users are assigned to tasks and are notified of pending actions. ProcessMate manages execution time and notifies of delays. In addition, processes may start upon users request or automatically based on a defined schedule.

Task manager in ProcessMate, to-do list, delayed tasks

Manage process information and documents

ProcessMate is much more than just a workflow management solution: it will also manage your process documents, communication, as well as your custom data objects, such as customers, equipment or real-estate. Just configure your own objects and attach processes to them. Moreover, the custom forms mechanism allows easily customize input expected from user at each task.

Improve visibility for management through a set of comprehensive charts, graphs and reports.

Comprehensive reports and dashboards

Improve visibility for management through a set of comprehensive charts, graphs and reports, showing the current state of affairs as well as historical performance.

Problem management (exceptions management) and process-related communication (messaging)

Problem management and communication

ProcessMate is much more than just a workflow management solution: users may raise problems for individual tasks in order to get help. In addition, the messaging component within processes lets users communicate information and maintain history.

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What customers tell about us:

Using ProcessMate to keep track of building robots scraping the web.

We run a SaaS company, delivering a Web Scraping Platform and have tens of processes running in parallel. ProcessMate’s solution fits our needs well: everybody knows what to do next. As manager, I know who does what at any point of time. In short, this is an excellent tool for a business that works with multiple clients. Great service and low cost too!

Stefan Avivsondexi.ioDenmark

Using ProcessMate to streamline international trade, export and import for grocery and consumer products.

The system is helping me to keep track of a lot of shipments and processes so it’s worth it.
I’m very happy I found it and kept searching.

Rajiv Riccardo ThakarDICE EuropeUnited Kingdom

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