Business Process Management Software in Cloud

ProcessMate is a cloud software that helps keep track of recurring processes, manage related documents, arising problems and communication, and provides on-time notifications that help minimize delays. In addition to that, it provides managers with valuable insights on efficiency of processes in a visual form (such as gantt charts, reports and graphs), so to help optimize the business and cut costs.



Task Management

Very easy to use, takes minutes to configure

Easily configure and track your workflows with no specific IT skills required and consultants involved. Configuration will take minutes and you can start managing your processes already today

Cloud based BPM solution

Low and fixed price

100% web-based cloud solution, no installations or downloads required. The fixed low montly fee makes it affordable to business of any size and budget

Notifications and Daily progress report sent to email

Task management and notifications

ProcessMate has a comprehensive task management mechanism, allowing assigning users to tasks, notifying them of next steps and sending a complete “Progress Report” in the end of the day. This functionality alone may increase your organization’s efficiency by up to 50%

Communication and document management solution

Manage process information and documents

ProcessMate is much more than just a workflow management solution: it can manage your process documents, information, communication, as well as perform problem/resolution management of your processes

Improve visibility for management through a set of comprehensive charts, graphs and reports.

Comprehensive reports and dashboards

Improve visibility for management through a set of comprehensive charts, graphs and reports, showing the current state of affairs as well as historical performance.

Problem management (exceptions management) and process-related communication (messaging)

Problem management and communication

ProcessMate is much more than just a workflow management solution: it can manage exceptions in your process (Problem Management), as well as improve process-related communication through messaging.

  • Common Dashboard of Business Processes (Screenshot)
    Process Dashboard

    Comprehensive ready-to-use reports based on statistics collected

  • Process Repository Screenshot
    Process Repository

    Use pre-configured process or easily configure new ones, it will only take a few minutes

  • Cloud Process Management: Problem Management Screenshot
    Process Management

    Capture and timely react to problems ariiing

  • Cloud Process Management: Communication
    Enable Communication

    Social component will improve user engagement and enable interaction

  • Problem Management
    Problem Management

    Reduce time-to-repair by tracking process problems and notifications

  • Task Management
    Task Management

    Manage tasks, assign or let system auto-assign tasks to your team members

  • Process Profile
    Process Profile

    Track and manage all process information - progress, data, documents and status

  • Process List
    Process List

    Process list shows a consolidated view of processes with their status, data and dates of completed milestones

  • Email Notifications
    Process Email Notifications

    Email notifications is a powerful tool helping reduce delays and calling your team for action just-in-time

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