Business Process Management Software in Cloud

Business Process Management in Cloud – Overview

ProcessMate is a cloud software tool that helps keep track of recurring processes, manage related documents and communication, and inform of current progress at any time. In addition to that, it provides managers with valuable insights on efficiency of processes in a visual form (such as gantt charts, reports and graphs), so to help optimize the business and cut costs.



  • Track your human-driven workflows, attach documents, communicate with other employees and participants, and make operations transparent to managers through comprehensive dashboards.
  • It’s completely web-based (no installations or downloads are required)
  • It’s very easy to configure, 3 minutes and you are good to go
  • The license is SaaS (monthly user license), so you can afford it with any budget

ProcessMate is a Business Process Management software in cloud, also called Workflow Management Software, however it is significantly more simple to configure and use than conventional BPMS. Users are not expected to have any IT or BPMS skills or training and can start using the software from day one.

  • Common Dashboard of Business Processes (Screenshot)
    Process Dashboard

    Comprehensive ready-to-use reports based on statistics collected

  • Process Repository Screenshot
    Process Repository

    Use pre-configured process or easily configure new ones, it will only take a few minutes

  • Cloud Process Management: Problem Management Screenshot
    Process Management

    Capture and timely react to problems ariiing

  • Cloud Process Management: Communication
    Enable Communication

    Social component will improve user engagement and enable interaction


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