Order Management (Order-to-Cash) Process for Telecommunication providers

Order Management (Order-to-Cash) Process for Telco – Definition

Here the definition of Order Management is focused on Telecommunication services, such as Data (VPNs), Internet Access, Voice services that are mostly offered in the B2B and Wholesale segments. The similar process for B2C subscribers is usually fully automated and does not require so much human involvement and tracking.

Order Management (also called Order-to-cash) is a part of ordering process that is normally initiated after the order is captured by sales department and follows through Service Design, Service Activation and Verification. The goal of the process is to establish the service and initiate the billing for the service.

This is how the process flow may look like:
Process Map for Order Management (AKA Order-to-Cash) processes that includes order validation, design, activation and verification ending with Billing activation


For B2B and Wholesale customers, telecommunication companies usually provide highly customized services that require significant amount of activities from network designers and engineers, as well as sales representatives. It also includes a number of documents – such as customer order specification, network design specification of customer solution, test check-lists, etc.

Depending on the size of the provider the amount of such processes can be significant. The documents and the process are often handled in the office documents, such as excels and visio diagrams stored on the shared drives, which often lead to inconsistency of information, delays of the service delivery and inability to track progress and efficiency.


Solution : Handling Order Management (Order-to-Chash) in Process Management Software

One of the preconfigured templates of ProcessMate Cloud-based application is this Order Management process. The software helps track the milestones, documentation and communication of employees while they are working on delivering the solution. The solution enables visibility for managers too through a set of comprehensive reports, showing the aggregated statistics over multiple order management processes.

Managing Orders in Cloud : Details

ProcessMate user interface has an intuitive design, which would remind users of the office tools that they used to use with extended features, ability to share information and availability of the application from anywhere on the internet. The list of currently ongoing and completed processes will look as follows:

List of processes for Order Management (Telecom) with colorcoded statuses, milestones and essential process information


After navigating to an individual process from this list, the user can edit and view its milestones and data as well as changing process status. The view of the individual process looks as follows. It looks as follows:

Individual process of order management (telecom) - shows and allows editing milestones, statuses, data of individual process

The documents are a vital part of the process management. The specifications from customer, documents created while fulfilling the process, etc can be attached to individual processes as files, then viewed or changed later.

List of documents for individual process - customer order specification, solution design, etc

The managers will be able to view the progress, as well as preconfigured ready-to-use efficiency report aggregated based on the information collected of the past and ongoing processes. The dashboard with reports will look as follows and does not require any configuration effort whatsoever:

Dashboard of charts for Order Management process (Telecom)

The “Average cycle time by phases” report is one of the most important ones since it accumulates the average time between milestones and is extremely useful in identifying “bottlenecks” of the process, i.e. the phases that take more time than assumed.



All in all, ProcessMate has a powerful set of features to manage workflow, documentation and user communications and helps our customer manage their processes in the cloud more efficiently.To see other details of the process please feel free to sign up to our free online demo here. After logging in, navigate to Other -> Order Management (Order-to-Cash) for Telco.


Quick video guide in setting up your process from zero in ProcessMate Cloud BPM

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