ProcessMate Customer Portal and Process Management pricing

Our two modules – Workflow Management and Customer Portal are priced differently. Process Management functionality for managing back-end process is a necessary module. For large companies with over 100 users, the pricing starts at $5 per user per month. For smaller accounts (below 5 users), the pricing is $25 per user per month

Our Customer Portal feature, enabling communication with your customer is priced as a single amount per months and it includes all users and requests. Please contact our Sales Team for a quick quote.
Customer Portal
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  • Customer Ordering Portal
  • Customer Trouble-ticketing Portal
  • Turn-key Solution
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Workflow management
$5 / per user per month (for large accounts)
  • (for small accounts < 5 users: $25 per user per month)
  • Unlimited processes
  • Includes data objects
  • 1Gb of document storage per user
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