Automated quoting and ordering

Automate your quotation and ordering process with ProcessMate, a flexible SaaS software that turns your quotation and ordering process into a well-organized process. Enable both your employees and clients submit quotes, approve them, create & fulfill orders. Track orders as a step-by-step process, where all participants know exactly what to do next.


Powerful engine for producing quotations and win more deals


Track orders from submission to completion in the configurable order fulfillment engine

Customer management

ProcessMate will manage your customer records with the CRM module configurable to the specifics of your business

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Product Catalog

Stay competitive and ensure your products are found and accessible online with the ProcessMate product catalog

Process management

Automate your ordering process based on the specifics of your business, including task management and notifications to user. Every quotation or order initiates a process with steps specific to your business. All processes are traceable to management, each task is assigned to specific users to ensure everything runs on time.


ProcessMate is a modern quoting platform for B2B and B2C businesses. Our easy-to-use platform, automation workflows, and low pricing will empower your team to win more quotes than ever before. Create impressive, accurate quotes in just a few clicks. Communicate with your clients digitally, including issuing quotes, managing internal acceptance process and getting approvals from clients.

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Our order management module lets users convert quotations to orders, or skip quotation and start with orders immediately. The orders may be submitted by your clients directly via the Customer Portal, or by your employees through a fully-featured back-end user interface.

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Process Management

Leverage automation to track quotation and order fulfillment as processes, managing every individual step with assigned users and reminders. Never lose opportunities and get a to-do list for every user on every prospect or order! Our Process Management module is fully configurable to your the specifics of your business and follows your way of working.

Quotation process with tasks implemented to process any quotation request

Customer Relationship Management | CRM

With ProcessMate, you get CRM software that works as a customizable, flexible solution designed to suit your business requirements. The CRM module is tightly integrated with Quotation and Ordering, and requires minimal configuration or none at all.

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Product Catalog

Nowadays, both B2C and B2B customers are well accustomed to searching for product information and shopping online. Therefore, your business needs to have a well-managed online product catalog to meet these customer expectations, ensure your products can be found and are accessible online, and stay competitive. A clear and detailed e-commerce catalog will also help you be seen as a leader in your industry and build trust between you and your web store visitors. The products and services may be one-off (non-recurring) items, as well as recurring services with regular payments.

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