Quotation and Order management process in ProcessMate

Quotations and Orders in ProcessMate

This articles outlines the functionality of ProcessMate helping our users to build an efficient workflow for their incoming quotes and orders. For the description of the typical quotation process, including steps and the discrepancies between the quotation and order fulfillment, see the following page: End-to-end process: Quotation and order management.

In ProcessMate we have created a special module dedicated to Quotations and Orders. The flexible Quotation & Order Management module enables B2B and B2C sales in the organization of any size. Essentially, it is a configurable software platform that allows your business developers to sell effectively, your order fulfillment teams to work fast and error-free and your customers to have a great customer journey as they buy your products or services, as well as through out the life-cycle past sales.

Managing quotations

screenshot of individual quote with line items

In many B2B and some B2C businesses, quotation process is a prerequisite of a successful sale. Running a quotation processes fast, making least mistakes, being responsive to clients and ensuring a quick turn-around time will boost revenue of any organization.

ProcessMate can help here. We extended our general process management functionality with a powerful module of Quotation and Product Management.
The quotation functionality starts with defining a product catalog, a list of quotation and properties of products. Here is the brief overview of features:

  • Quote submission
  • Submitting a quote with multiple line items

  • Product catalog
  • Maintaining the catalog of products or services that quote refers to (via line items)

  • Discounts and automatic discounts
  • Applying discounts, as a result of negotiations with client. In addition, the platform may automatically apply discounts configured based on the rules (e.g. temporary discounts for products).

  • Quote as PDF
  • Create a branded quote as PDF or email (with your logo)

  • Customer communication
  • Communicate to client upon completion of important steps

  • End-to-end workflow with tasks and reminders
  • Manage related quotation end-to-end workflow, so your sales account managers always know what to do next for each client


ProcessMate has a discount mechanism, whereby account managers may apply discounts manually while filling in the quotation. In addition, the discounts may be applied automatically based on rules, for example based on the certain product in the basket. The discount may be absolute (a certain amount) or relative (percentage) that can be applied to individual line items or to the total of the quote.

Generating a PDF quote

The primary capability of the quotation software is in generation of a quote and communicating them to clients. ProcessMate generates a quote with full information of the line items, including discount, totals and optionally, taxes information. This quote can be shared with the client ProcessMate or downloaded by the account manager as PDF.

The quotes can have the logo of your organization.

Quotation process

End-to-end quotation process with tasks such as internal approval, customer acceptantce

Everything is a workflow in ProcessMate. Why? Workflow (or process) has tasks – either for your employees or for client. This helps keep the work organized, track overdue tasks, know where each sales process is. Customer account managers and other users

While the process is recommended to have standard steps: internal approval, acceptance by client and some others, it may also have steps configured to the specifics of your business. For example, additional steps like customer property visit or additional approval steps can be added as well at any point.

Product catalog and CRM

ProcessMate has a comprehensible and extendable product catalog, whereby products and services can be defined and published as available for sales. In addition, the Customer Relationship Management functionality enables you to keep information of your customers and contacts up to date. Every customer account record will show all active quotes and orders, as well as past orders placed by the customer.

Product catalog screenshots - list of products with their status and properties

Customer portal: quotation

ProcessMate will enable another important sales channel for you – a customer portal where your clients may place quote requests and follow up on the status. The portal may be branded to your organization’s colors, fonts and logo.

Check out our customer portal module enabling this capability.

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