Ready-to-use workflows for multiple industries and functions

ProcessMate offers a number of templates of processes for a variety of industries. Feel free to use it or change it to accommodate your organizations specifics.

Finance & Accounting

Whether it’s ad-hoc or regularly recurring processes, ProcessMate can help you track and manage tasks and processes such as Payroll, Accounts receivable and any other multi-tasks workflows.

Payroll workflow

Payroll submissions for accounting departments and accounting services companies

Loan approval workflow

All tasks for approving loans for small financial organizations

Servicing & Repairs

Process related to servicing customers, such as trouble tickets for services, repairs and maintenance.

Equipment Service & Repairs Workflow

The workflow for handling repairs, either warranty or chargeable, and keeping track of all stages and related data.

Trouble-ticket workflow

Trouble ticket resolution workflow from accepting a ticket to resolution.

Customer & Sales Orders

Manage customer and sales-related processes (also known as “order-to-cash workflow”) from capturing orders with all necessary data and manage through every step to invoicing

Order-to-cash (telecom)

The order-to-cash workflow allows managing order-to-cash processes specifically in telecom and similar industries

Ordering workflow for custom manufacturing

Ordering & delivery workflow for small custom manufacturing companies

Generic order workflow

Common ordering workflow tracks order from order capture to invoice.


Logistics-related process for transportation companies and departments

Cargo shipment processes for logistics companies

Workflow for managing loading of cargo into/from vessels


Other processes for healthcare, construction and other industries

Medical treatment workflow

Treatment Process starting from a request and ending with discharge of patient.

Construction or renovation workflow

Order and delivery workflow for construction and renovation companies